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2012 Summary of Dates

Henry and I are so thrilled to have performed at these events!

August 19th, 2012 Copenhagen Denmark! At the Copenhagen Songwriter's Festival!
June 16th, 2012 The Birthday Home Concert
May 26, 2012 The Billy Fundraiser - Chico, CA
March 17, 2012 Art Salon, House Concert, Oakland, CA

Reviews - What People are Saying

Billy Club Chico Fundraiser 6/5/2010
Special thanks to Eric Richter and the 1078 Gallery for hosting us and to Daniel Mandel for sharing his terrific music and creating the friendly ambiance that really made the event.

~ Steve Rockwell, Billy Club

Grenville Berliner
Red Rock Coffee, Mountain View
I enjoy hearing your songs. I especially like hearing the evolving changes in your
performance. Your singing seems confident."

peggywrenn 5 Stars!
Daniel Mandel's original songs and beautiful acoustic guitar come directly from his
heart to your's. Daniel's new performance was developed in collaboration with
Boulder's extraordinary artists Paul Oertel and Nancy Spanier, who worked with him
to sequence and choregraph his songs into an evocative and moving show. Don't
miss it, in the intimate Exhibitrex!

Mary Belochi 5 Stars!
This performance is in my gallery, exhibitrek, but I feel the need to comment. Daniel
is a very strong lyricist and his voice "aint bad" either. If you've ever been in love,
had an unrequited love, confused, overwhelmed, passionate about someone...
you'll not want to miss this performance. I thought it was wonderful. A little heavy
for children, however, my 11 year son and his friend still enjoyed it and we
discussed the songs afterwards.

Dale Tanis 5 Stars!
Inspiring!! Daniel Mandel sings and performs from his heart to ours, connecting to
those human elements that many of us would rather not discuss. He does so in a
way that brings forth a yearning to be heard, to be known, instead of making us
feel uncomfortable. Share the human experience! Go see Daniel Mandel's

Jason Ng 4 Stars!
Good lyrics that hits the heart - and very beautiful guitar playing and chords.

2011 Summary of Dates

I am honored to have played at so many wonderful places!

01/22/11 7:30 p.m. Listening Room Concert @ Sequoia Retreat Center, Ben Lomond
03/4th, 5th, 11th, 12th/ 2011 Rogue Festival @ City Arts Gallery, Fresno
04/11/11 5:00 pm House of Garza Japan Fundraiser @ Cafe Flore in the Castro
04/11 & 04/25 7:30 pm Monday Night Marsh @ Marsh Theater, 1026 Valencia Street, SF
04/14/11 Heartbeat for Japan Fundraiser @ Deco Lounge, 510 Larkin Street, SF
04/23/11 Doctors without Borders Fundraiser @ Ocean View Village, SF
06/11/11 Billy HairRaiser fundraiser @ 2150 Folsom Street, SF

2010 Summary of Dates

For the record... here's where I played in 2010.

02/13/10 4:30 p.m. KALW 91.7 Folk Music and Beyond hosted by Jo Ann Mar
02/21/10 3:00 p.m. Tempo Vivo Fundraiser @ NorthBrae Community Church, Berkeley
06/05/10 9:00 a.m. Fundraiser @ Chico
06/19/10 3:00 p.m. Doctors without Borders Haiti Fundraiser @ Oakland
06/20/10 8:00 p.m. Performance Investigations Salon @ Berkeley
06/26/10 9:00 p.m. ChatRoulette Show @ LaVa's Subterranean, Berkeley
07/18/10 7:00 p.m. Performance Investigations Salon @ Berkeley
09/25/10 1:00 p.m. Sue's Coffee Roasting @ Gilroy
10/30/10 3:00 p.m. REAPSES Fundraiser @ Oakland

2009 Summary of Dates so far...

These are the places and I have played in 2009.

Some of these dates were solo performances and some with my band The Brave

If you would like references please contact me.

02/28/2009 07:30 PM - 2009 AIDS LifeCycle Concert @ Northbrae Community
03/14/2009 07:30 PM - 2009 AIDS LifeCycle Concert @ Chapel of the Chimes
03/28/2009 08:00 PM - Billy Foundation Fund Raiser
04/05/2009 04:00 PM - 2009 AIDS LifeCycle Concert @ Orinda Community Church
05/31/2009 01:40 PM - Sonoma County GLBT Pride 2009 Main Stage
06/20/2009 08:30 PM - Asana Tea House, Santa Cruz
07/23/2009 07:00 PM - KALW FM 91.7 RADIO Interview, San Francisco
08/29/2009 03:00 PM - Sue's Coffee Roasting
09/19/2009 05:30 PM - Taste of Italy Fundraiser, Santa Clara
11/16/2009 07:30 PM - Monday Night Marsh @ the Marsh Theater, SF
11/21/2009 07:00 PM - Flesh and Spirit Fund Raiser @ SF
11/30/2009 07:30 PM - Monday Night Marsh @ the Marsh Theater, SF

2008 Summary of Dates

Here is the list of performances for 2008.
If you would like references please contact me.

February 29th (Leap Year) at Red Rock Coffee in Mountain View
April 27th Field Performance at the Shawl-Anderson dance center
June 16th in San Francisco at the Monday Night Marsh, the Marsh Theater
June 30th in San Francisco at the Monday Night Marsh, the Marsh Theater
July 10th Community Soul/Healing Source in San Francisco at the GLBT Center
July 26th the Alicia Crank city council fund raiser, Mountain View
August 2nd Private Party in Walnut Creek
October 25th Private Birthday Party
November 19th - Birthday Party in San Francisco
December 6th - The Jongleur CD Release Party

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