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AquaNet & White Rain!
Labor Day 2017 Podcast #2:
Journalistic reporting has never seen the likes of WhiteRain and Aqva-Nyet! Find out what they discovered on their recent trip to Groundswell…
Labor Day 2017 Podcast #1:
Coordinators WhiteRain and Aqva-Nyet talk at you in a discourteous discourse of all things Labor Day - this gathering's theme is Walking with Wisdom!
July 4th 2016 Podcast #1:
White Rain! joins coordinators Dan Mandel and Chris Lombardi to describe the festivities!
July 4th 2016 Podcast #2:
Ume Boshe joins Dan for a pre-4th discussion about diversity!
July 4th 2016 Podcast #3:
With so much going on we simply had to publish yet another July 4th Podcast!
July 4th 2016 Podcast #4:
A follow up and summary and impressions following the July 4th gathering … (here's what really happened!).
2016 Labor Day Podcast!
2016 Labor Day Wrap up and post gathering commentary!